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What's been happening at Instinct HQ?

Welcome back friends! It’s been awhile since you’ve heard from us and I thought it was high time for an update. This past spring when all of our season’s got cut short, we at Instinct had some big decisions to make. We are a very small ski company but our skis have won awards against the biggest in the industry and we’re very proud of that.The realities of COVID and the uncertainty of the future caused us to stop and evaluate, well…everything. We sat down to try and figure out how we could turn a setback like this into an advantage.
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We have always built our skis the best way we could, using the best materials we can buy and that will not change. There were some things we wanted to do better however. With the extra time we had on our hands due to mandatory isolation we decided to use the time to improve and increase the capacity of our little “factory”. We started with building some more and better presses. Next, we added a bunch of dedicated shop tools (which are so awesome!…and have been on the wish list for awhile). Then planned and tackled the renovation and optimization of our available space. All of these things were necessary and as a byproduct have increased the precision of the manufacturing process across the board! We are incorporating a new and better pressing technique which will make our skis even tougher than they were before, with no added weight penalty! We took time to innovate and work out some ideas that have been rattling around in the back of our minds and we have something new we are adding to every ski in our lineup that we think it’s pretty freaking cool. We also have some new topsheet options and we will be showing it all off soon, but you’ll have to come back to see…
We are now set up to make the best skis we have ever made and we’re super stoked about it, but the time and resources we put into this effort has left us with less time to make skis in time for this winter. We are only going to be making 100 pairs of skis for this season. One hundred is a very small number we know but sometimes you have to take a step back before going forward and we think the choice to invest in our space, processes, and product will pay dividends for years to come. If you’re thinking about getting on a pair of Instinct Skis this winter, you might not want to think too long, they’re getting snapped up quickly.

I’m a skier. I’m equally happy railing down a groomer, or floating through a mellow powder run, just being in the mountains gives me happiness and joy. I want to our skis to inspire confidence and ease. Whether you are in a frenzy charging the hill on a big day or cycling the legs being mellow, ski touring day in and day out or adventure skiing on a big mountaineering route, trust your Instincts. The joy of skiing is in the moment, without thinking…by Instinct.

Stay tuned for more 2021 updates…

Al Eagleton.

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  1. So excited to do a first full season on the Transcends! Last spring was just such a sweet sweet tease. You guys are awesome. Stay rad!

  2. Thanks for the update Al. Your story is inspiring for other small business owners that have a production component. It’s going to be an epic snow winter and even if the resorts aren’t operating at full capacity, it’s nice to know that your skiis will be!

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