The Bliss is the all-rounder. Everything we learned developing the Transcend helped us bring you the Bliss.

Do you shred the trees? Play in the Pow? Carve on the groomed? Or just want to improve your skills? This ski is for you. It is a ski that is durable and forgiving for those who may not yet have the budget for a full carbon ski. While heavier than the Transcend, the Bliss is still capable of being a great backcountry ski, and is strong enough for the industry professional who puts in an enviable amount of days on snow each season.

The Tech

The Bliss is reinforced with the finest IM7 unidirectional carbon but it's main laminates are Triaxial e-glass - the industry standard. We’ve included kevlar for toughness and durability, and VDS rubber to control damping. The Bliss uses a resin-infused honeycomb tip to reduce swing weight, and only the fastest carbon-impregnated base material, stone ground to perfection.

For added durability, in the sandwich of the cap construction we are using carbon nanotube resin. With billions of carbon nanotubes in the matrix our edges and cap are tougher than anything out there.

The Core

Tightly laminated plies of locally harvested Aspen are the key building blocks in our high quality, fully wooden core. In the centre, two layers of Sitka Spruce help to create a lighter weight ski and a smoother ride. Integrated as a top lamination, White Oak is applied for strength, to enhance binding retention and to facilitate power transfer to the edges.


Tip 129
Waist 098
Tail 117
Radius 15.5m
Tip 133
Waist 101
Tail 121
Radius 16m
Tip 137
Waist 108
Tail 125
Radius 16.5m
Tip 141
Waist 111
Tail 129
Radius 17m