The Arrow is a Powder-Slayer! It was created to be nimble in the tight trees and stable at crushing speeds while still being comfortable and playful at mellower speeds. All that, as well as light, and tough.


Powder (Slayer)
Super B.F.T.T.
Full Easy Turn Tip Rocker
Easy Drift Tail Rocker
Swallow Tail
Rad Flex – Medium Soft Shovel > Xtra Stiff Tail
Quality, Matched, Hand Selected Core
8 Layer Torsion Box Lay-Up – 4 types of Carbon, Kevlar, Basalt/Innegra, S2 Glass
Carbon Impregnated Race Base

The Arrow is a powder slayer. This was developed from the idea “what if”. The results have been great. The Arrow is not just another swallow tail pow ski meant to look cool. It has a number of design features that all work together to produce a different powder experience.  The rocker/ camber in this ski is unique, it has only a very small amount of camber from the boot sole center forward and gentle reverse camber towards the tails. It’s shape is also unique, a very wide shovel to a fairly wide underfoot with a lot of taper to the tail. The Arrow also has a very graduated flex, moderate at the shovel to the stiffest tail we could build. All of these things when put together make up it’s very different personality. Subtle weight shifts by the skier will cause this ski to do many things other skis can’t do. If you press a little your toes it can accelerate rapidly, put a tiny bit of pressure on your heels and the tails drop like brakes. The amazing amount of speed control gathered in this manner allows the skier to attack slopes differently, ski a pillowed spine straight down without jumping from side to side, or slow down quickly coming out of a straight line run out without throwing the skis sideways. These of course are extreme examples but these subtle movements make this powder ski much different, it’s like having nice brakes on your mountain bike. The turn shapes one can produce with this ski  are only limited by your experimentation. It will change the way you look at lines and the way you attack them.

There are a few things this ski doesn’t  do very well, it makes skiing in challenging wind slab even more challenging and more work. It does carve really well on hard pack, considering it shouldn’t really do that at all. This is an exceptional powder ski one that is maneuverable and fast, floaty and very stable. It is a quiver ski, maybe not an everyday ski, but everyone needs an Arrow in their quiver.