When I was a kid in the prairies of Manitoba it would have been pretty ridiculous to be skiing a powder ski of todays size and shape. Even of it snowed 2 feet over night they would groom it flat and to be honest todays world cup slalom skis would slay that terrain and it would make you happy. Today though, is not 1987. Today skiers from the prairies are rippers in the mountains, because they go to the mountains, and the right skis make a difference.

Skis today are amazing and for those of us who learned on the old school skinny skis, we worked too hard. How come we didn’t think to try something wider or more shapely? I worked in a ski shop in my youth in Winnipeg, Manitoba. One of the shop owners sons built an exagerated scale model of of a downhill ski to demonstrate to the customer the role of sidecut. He basically made a ski that looks like todays shape skis, only six inches long and cut out of spring steel. We would demonstrate to the customer how when one’s force is added to the ski in a turn, the ski would bend and the sidecut and the bend would create an arc. If any of us had decided then that the exagerated shape would change the industry we would be a little further along this evolutionary path. Today that’s what it’s all about.

Every skier dreams of those days where nothing else matters. Those magic days where stopping to take photos just doesn’t occur to you. Days where you skied until the sun starts disappearing behind the ridge, the lift stops running, and your legs felt like lead but you’re still sure you had one more skin up left in you. We live for those days and that is why we started Instinct.

Instinct is founded in Rossland because because it snows a lot, on some of the best ski terrain on the planet. Rossland is central to many other awesome areas and . We have seen the change and have learned from great ski producers. We are lucky to live in this time of fast easy skiing skis.