The Manley was designed for the charge-hard, big mountain new schooler. It’s twin rocker, centre stance and high tech materials let this big ski ride switch, spin and just generally shred the mountain at ridiculous speeds. The tail rocker and slightly narrower tail let it break free as desired during those epic high-speed descents, and provide ample platform for landing switch. This is a shred-the-mountain ski with park tendencies. If you are a skier who sees the mountain as a giant park, this ski is for you. Happily for us this ski, with its extreme torsional stiffness when called for, and laid on its edge, will slay the hard pack with beautiful pencil line carves.

The Tech

Our popular double rocker big mountain slasher has been refined just a bit in its construction to make it one of the toughest skis out there.

We think the Manley should be the most durable of the lot and we expect to see them take abuse. That is why we have built them with 3 different ballistic fibers under the core: Basalt/Kevlar/Spectra. Carbon can’t be overlooked for its power transfer so there is some under the core and it makes up the primary laminates for the top cap combined with a thin layer of S2glass to dampen the ride.

The Core

Of course the Manley is manufactured with a full wood core. The power players in this construction are the grain-optimized laminates of our locally harvested Aspen. White Oak as a top lamination reinforces binding retention and boosts power transfer to the edges. It is hand-detailed in our shop for you.

If big is your thing, Manley is your answer

What People are Saying...


Tip 142
Waist 112
Tail 134
Radius Progressive