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The complete Instinct Skis model lineup. Start here to discover all of our models and learn more about each of them by clicking any ski image for more details.


The award winning flagship of the Instinct Skis family. An All-Mountain, Powder, Touring, Tree-Skiing, Crud-Busting, marvel. The Seeker is available in 176, 183, 188 or 193cm lengths in the versions below.
Ski Canada Magazine Editor's Choice Award 2020Powder Magazine Skier's Choice Award 2020Powder Magazine Skier's Choice Award 2019


The Transcend takes all of the design, technology and performance of the Seeker and wraps it up in a package perfect for smaller, lighter skiers. But, it's no "Mini-me" we have carefully optimized the Transcend for those characteristics and not just shrunk the Seeker. The Transcend is available in 159, 165, 171 or 176cm lengths in the versions below.


The Journeyman is the workhorse-daily-driver of the Seeker Series. Designed around the dimensions and profile of it's big brother, the Journeyman is the less fancy but completely dependable day-in, day-out performer for your all-mountain, all-terrain, all-fun adventures. The Journeyman is available in 176, 183 or 188cm lengths.


The Bliss is the child you mistake as the sister of the Transcend. Take all the same dimensions and profile and wrap it up in a new construction. Made for the skier who wants a solid, dependable, as well as wholly playful and exciting set of shred sticks for the smaller and lighter crowd. The Bliss is available in 159, 165, 171 or 176cm lengths.


These boys ate the oatmeal as children. The Manley is our burly, big-boned, flannel-wearing, own-the-mountain in both directions ski. Twin-tipped and dipped gnar-polish these skis give you a big plate and there's still room for butter(s). 😜  The Manley is 193cm in length.


Inspired by the man himself, Olaus Jeldness - the Original Sender. Built with the same intention, passion, and construction as the Manley, in a medium size package. The Original Sender is 186cm in length.


Sometimes BIG Rippers come in small frames too, so we couldn't leave them out. The Pretty Savage is our flyweight option in the Sender Series. The Pretty Savage is 176cm in length.
Powder Magazine Skier's Choice Award 2020


The Arrow is our experiment in building a magic-powder-carpet. Fast-planing, drift-on-demand, carve-in-it's-sleep, turn-on-a-dime, powder-slayer. (Can you tell how much we like it?) The Arrow is available in a 184cm length.


An all-rounder that is extremely fun and easy to ski. It’s lightweight, narrow waist, and tough build will deliver smiles for miles. Slightly narrower underfoot that our other models it's nimble and responsive nature make it a serious threat on a fresh day.