Lindsay Craig


Lindsay grew up in Thunder Bay, ON slashing the icy steeps of the Norwesters, with early skiing in Nancy Green and Junior Race Programs, but found her people in the freestyle programs competing in moguls for the Lake Superior Division (Team LSD) and also trained in Aerials and Ballet. Lindsay skied competitive Moguls with LSD until moving to Banff, AB after high school to see what "Big Mountain" and powder was all about. Lindsay returned to Thunder Bay for a degree from Lakehead University, but hightailed back to the mountains after completion. Revelstoke became home in 2008, and Lindsay joined the Revelstoke Ski Patrol to maximize her ski time.

Lindsay then started her own business in 2013 - Revelstoke Pool and Spa,  a hot tub maintenance and service company.

Skiing has provided her with a super fun side hustle opening up doors and opportunities that would have been otherwise out of reach. Lindsay competed in the Freeride World Tour, shot ski modelling gigs with CMH Heli, Dick's Sporting Goods and Revelstoke Mountain Resort. Lindsay had an article highlighting her in Powder Magazine, and most recently became a member of the "Powder Union" testing skis for Powder Magazine. This is how she met (in her words) "the Crazy Instinct Team" at Powder week and absolutely fell in love with their skis.

We are really looking forward to having Lindsay on the team again for the upcoming season. Shred on!

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For Starters...

Where do you live? Revelstoke, BC

Where do you ski? wherever the pow is .. Revelstoke area mostly 

What do you ski? Instinct Transcend 176

First Ski Memory? So I’m a twin... my first ski memories is the “snoopy” run at my hometown hill in Thunder Bay ... my dad skiing with the two of us holding a bamboo and us hanging on the each side... there was also some double leash skiing haha

Favourite thing about skiing? Being outside in the mountains.. exploring.. and going fast


Tacos or Sushi? Both at the same time.. I like to party

Burgers or Burritos? Burger Girl hands down

Kale or Cabbage? Gross.

Whiskey or Wine? Whiskey.

Beer or (Kom)Bucha? Beer

Beatles or Stones? Stones for sure! Heartbreaker!

Jay-Z or Beyonce? Queen 🐝

Taylor Swift or Adele? T Swift has some bangers

Skins or Sleds? Lifts till the pow is gone.. then sleds haha I skin when necessary or have no one to shuttle with. Braaaaaaaap Brap mf!

Big Air or Big Hair? Both at the same time.

Carve or Slash? Situational.. time and place for both

Style or Speed? Style, hands down.

Toque or Beanie? Toque eh, ...and poutine.