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Duane Murrin

Duane Murrin is a self-taught artist who grew up wandering the forest and mountains of North Vancouver strumming his guitar in search of those magical spots that just sing.

In the early 1990’s, playing in bands he was always the one volunteering to illustrate the gig posters and album covers. Around the year 2000 he turned his artistic expression to painting the Canadian landscape drawing influence from the Group of Seven and mixing it with the graphic sensibility from his rock poster days to create a kind of electrifying hybrid with bold colours and thick outlines.

Snow is one of the subjects that inspires him most with the wide range of hues seen throughout different times of day reflecting off the goopy interconnected forms allowing him to paint rainbow bright colour schemes not normally found in nature.

He can be seen with his portable gallery set up at music and art festivals throughout BC and merchandise featuring his art can be found in gift shops across Canada.

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